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500 LPD FPC Plus Solar Water Heater

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₹65,205.00 ₹3,000.00

Getting worried about chilling water in the winters or Electricity bills due to electric geyser.

Put our Quality assured solar water heater and get freedom from electricity bills or fuel and no fumes.

These water heater solutions are perfect for Residential, institutional, industrial water heating and run without any power supply.

Key features :
Quantity litter Per Day -500 LPD
Number of people can be served – 20
Type of Water – Hard water / soft water
Type of Solar water heater – FPC
Warranty – 5 Years with water hardness less than 300 ppm TDS

Product description :

• Maximum water temperature (°C) – 65°C
• Material of tank – Aluminium (Black Chromium Coated )
• Number of Collector  – 5

• Shipping Charges – Extra

Product Description

Know How :

A typical 500 LPD (litre per day) system is sufficient to provide approximately 500 litres of hot water at an average temperature of 65°C every day on all sunny days. This helps save approximately 20 units of electricity daily (equivalent energy consumed by an electrical geyser) offering cost benefits of approximately Rs 20,000 per year.


1. How does the product work? What is it used for?
Solar water heater uses sun light to provide hot water for bathing, washing and cleaning etc. Solar water heater, majorly installed at rooftop collects energy from sun during the day time and stores hot water in the insulated tanks to be used whenever required.

2. How to calculate capacity the Capacity of Solar water heater, I need
One adult shower need is around 25 L of water every day. You can multiply total number of people in your family with 25 L and calculate the water capacity.

3. Can I get hot water during the night?
Yes, solar water heater usages sun light to heat the water and stores hot water in the insulated tanks which can be used during morning, evening and even in night.

4. What happens to the water heating on a dull / cloudy / rainy day?
Yes. Although the heat output of the solar collector is reduced on overcast days, it will still be able to provide heating. Four and half hour sunlight can give good heated water.
- Delivery Time : 2-3 Weeks
-Return and Refund Policy.

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