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100 Watt Solar Home Lighting System Included Solar TV(External Battery)

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A solar home lighting system (SHLS) provides a comfortable level of illumination in one or more rooms of a house. The SHLS consists of a PV module, solar charge controller, battery, DC Fan, DC TV., LED DC batten, mobile charging cable (multiple pin) and luminaries. There are several SHLS models featuring one, two, or four luminaries based on White Light Emitting Diode (W-LED). The system could also be used to run a small DC fan or a 12-V DC television along with the W-LED Bulb.


  • MPPT/PWM based technology.
  • Longer back-up time.
  • Faster Charging.
  • Mobile Charging.
  • Multipurpose – portable with LED bulb, Portable with DC 12 volt fan, Portable with Television.
  • Energy saving as well money saving.
  • Its helps to reduce monthly electricity bill after installing it.
  • Designed and made in india.
  • 1 year warranty.

Product Description:


    • Charge Controller Unit Microcontroller based Charge Controller Unit
    • LED Luminaire 5 Nos LED luminaries 3W *1, 5W*2, 7W*2.
    • Fan (DC) 01 No 7W 12 V DC
    • Television (DC) 14 Inches , 12W 12 V DC
    • External Battery 12V, 75 AH Battery
    • Solar Panel 40 Watt
    • Back Up Hrs. at Full Charged Battery 6 Hours
    • Other Components Inter-connecting wires / cables,
    • Switches & Operation Manual
    • Optional Electrical Charger On Demand – Extra Charges
    • Make Designed and Made by ECCO (India)



For Model-I, sealed maintenance free lead acid battery with a capacity of up to 12 AH, at voltages of up to 12V @ C/20 rate of discharge or Ni-MH or Lithium Ion battery of requisite capacity.

The light source of white LED type.

The color temperature of W-LEDs used in the system in the range of 5500oK–6500oK.

The light output from the W-LED light source is constant throughout the duty cycle.

Total electronics efficiency > =90%.

Lighting quality – free from glare and flickering.

Auto re-settable reverse polarity protection shall be provided.


The system have protection against battery overcharge, deep discharge condition.

Load reconnect is provided at 80% of the battery capacity status.

Adequate protection is providedØ against battery reverse polarity.

Fuses provided to protect against short circuit conditions.

Protection for reverse flow of current through the PV module(s) is provided.
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