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30 W : Solar Home Lighting System with DC Television & LED Lights

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A solar home lighting system (SHLS) provides a comfortable level of illumination in one or more rooms of a house. The SHLS consists of a PV module, solar charge controller, battery, DC TV., LED DC batten, mobile charging cable (multiple pin) and luminaries.
-There are several SHLS models featuring one, two, or four luminaries based on White Light Emitting Diode (W-LED). The system could also be used to operate a small DC fan or a 12-V DC television along with the W-LED Bulb.

-PV module converts sunlight into electricity, which powers the luminaries. White Light Emitting Diode (W-LED) is a solid state device which emits light when electric current passes through it.

Technical Specification :

-Charge Controller Unit :Microcontroller Based Technology
-LED Luminaire : 2 Nos LED luminaries,3 Watt
-Television(DC) : 14 Inches , 12W 12 V DC
-External Battery : 12 V, 26 AH Battery
-Solar Panel : 30 Watt
-Back Up Hrs. at Full Charged Battery :6 Hours
-Optional Electrical Charger :On Demand (Extra Charges)

Please see the video for demonstration:


Product Description

-MPPT/PWM based technology.
-Longer back-up time.
-Faster Charging.
-Mobile Charging.
-Multipurpose – portable with LED bulb, Portable with DC 12 volt fan, Portable with Television.
-Energy saving as well money saving.
-Its helps to reduce monthly electricity bill after installing it.
-Designed and made in india.
-1 year warranty.
-Delivery Time : 2-3 Weeks
-Return and Refund Policy.

Sold by : IGSSEPUN
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