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The off-grid solar rooftop kit harnesses the Sun’s energy to light up your home and power your appliances. It gives you uninterrupted power and lowers your electricity bills. The Solar cells in the system converts the Sun’s energy directly into electricity. This electricity is stored in the battery and used for powering the loads.

Features of Roof top project
Solar roof top kits offer efficient and economic ways to harness the solar energy touching your roof tops/home to generate electricity.

-It work as ATM that regular pay you.

-frugal & efficient way to power up your home with solar.

-Independence from untimely power cuts.
-Independence from ever increasing power tariffs.
-Very low maintenance cost and no fuel cost with long life.
-Weatherproof and eco-friendly.

– Compact, safe, portable and easy to operate do-it-yourself kit.
– Produces 2.5 unit of electricity everyday.
– Total Battery backup of 4 hours.
– Can run 3 Fans, 2 Laptop, 4 X 9 W CFL Light, 4 X 5 W LED Bulbs, 2 Mobile Charger, 1 TV
– Prices Exclusive of Taxes
– Prices are for ex-works Pune.
– Warranty: One years for the entire system, 2 years for Inverter and Batteries, 5 years for solar panels (25 years performance warranty for 80% output).
Please see the video for demonstration:
1.Solar Panel Installation:


2.System Integration:


Product Description

- Solar Panels : 600 Wp
- Solar Inverter : 1 kVA / 12 V
- Solar Battery : 2 X 150 Ah, C/10 Tubular Batteries
- Module Mounting Structure : Galvanised Iron / Mild Steel
- Other Package Inclusions : Cables & Earthings
- Delivery Time : 2-3 Weeks
-Return and Refund Policy.

Sold by : IGSSPSPM
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